New story from Nepal 2015
robert mcpherson
Sep 16, 2015
Hi everyone. I have published a new feature on my website now. It has not yet been published in any magazine, online publication or newspaper...It is availiable for sale now! I made the story together with freelance journalist Hanne Brønnmo who also work for Aftenposten national newspaper in Norway. More indepth text to the story is availiable on request. 

Title: Countercurrent
Nepal is the second richest country in water resource but they still meet challenges with building hydropower. Everyday electric current goes off for hours and people are compelled to live in the darkness. Norway is one of the countries who have earned a lot of money on building hydropower in Nepal, but the country itself still remains poor and undeveloped. After the earthquakes that struck Nepal in 2015 the situation is even worse.

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